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AVIARIS based in Singapore. Our team is experienced in Aviation in the field of MRO for more than 28 years involving Aircraft Sales and Maintenance, providing reliable consultancies in the Asia Pacific with their extensive aviation knowledge. 

AVIARIS has a quality system in place with the following scopes:

  1. Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul 

  2. Aircraft Sales & Lease Management

  3. Aircraft Parts, Materials, and Tooling trading

  4. Aircraft NDT services, training, and examinations

Our quality system stands as our assurance in getting the work done correctly.

We have in-depth expertise and experience on Part 145 organisation  regulations of various countries such as FAA, EASA, CAAC China, CAAS Singapore, CASA Australia, DGCA Indonesia, DGCA India, CAAM Malaysia, DGCA Srilanka, CAAT Thailand, CAAP Philippines,  CAAV Vietnam, etc.,

Aircraft Leasing Management Team

Our team specialized in aircraft lease management especially from small to narrow body jets. Including Boeing 737, Business Jets, Cessna Grand Caravan, Pilatus, DHC-6 Twin Otter Series, Fokker 50, etc especially in the South East Asian region. 

Airplane and Red Carpet
Aircraft & Engine Sourcing Team

Our aircraft sourcing team specializes in aircraft sales and sourcing. Our market knowledge and expertise will ensure you achieve the best possible price for your aircraft. we understand that service and delivery is of the utmost importance.

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft MRO Project Management Team

Our consultants are experienced in Aviation in the field of MRO for more than 25 years involving Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Component repairs, NDT Services, Tooling & Equipment sourcing, Aircraft & Engine Sales, MRO shop management and Quality management. 

Job Interview
Aircraft Pilot & Crew Sourcing Network

We vary from regular recruitment agencies. We focus on what our customer needs and we are confident in achieving it to keep our customers happy. Our team has access to a vast pool of pilots and engineering resources in this region. 

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