Cessna 172R Nav Ⅲ plane (Garmin G1000 avionics system) based on configuration, open driving simulation environment, equipped with a three-channel annulus visual system, the board equipment with similar to the results of the simulation component implementation and aircraft airborne equipment operation mode, can complete the normal flight procedures and abnormal emergency flight procedures, meet the needs of all kinds of flight training. The landscape database equipped with the system can cover the global topographic and geomorphic data, and has the ability to simulate cloud, fog, rain, snow and other special weather environments, so as to meet the needs of all-weather training. The aircraft state and environmental parameters can be set through the instructor desk.


Cessna 172 Flight Simulator

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  • 1. Simulate the cockpit configuration of cessna 172R.
    2. Simulation of the following avionics system: Gdu-104x series main flight display (PFD) Gdu-104x series multi-function display (MFD) Gma-1347 series AUDIO panel
    3. Equipped with the dual-side linkage steering wheel structure to complete all kinds of flight teaching functions.
    4. with simulation mixing ratio and throttle control device, can achieve engine control.
    5. Simulate various alarm sounds of the aircraft system, airport environment broadcasting sounds, tower dialogue sounds and various necessary external environment sounds. 6. PAD tablet computer instructor console, which can set flight status and system parameters.
    7. Three-way round-curtain view system, covering the global airport data.
    8. Adjustable seat system.
    9. High-precision closed-loop flight simulation system.
    10. Simulation computer and control cabinet.
    11. The feedback delay of the simulation system shall be no less than 50ms, and the average frame rate of the scene shall be no less than 30fps.

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