Aircraft Sales & Lease Consultants :

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Aircraft Technical Consultancy 

  1. Lease return Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery 

  2. Aircraft records audit and back to the birth tracing

  3. Aircraft Pre Purchase Inspection

  4. Leased Aircraft Fleet Management

  5. Aircraft mandatory SB / AC / AD Compliance checks

  6. Aircraft Ferry Flight arrangements

  7. Aircraft Engineers and pilot recruitments

  8. Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspection

  9. Aircraft Sales & Marketing

  10. Aircraft Insurance arrangements

Aerospace NDT  Training & Certification:

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Trainings

  1. NDT Training and Certifications under EN4179, NAS410 BINDT accreditated certification schemes.

  2. On-site Training and Certification to meet EASA & FAA and NADCAP requirements in terms of NDT qualifications.

  3. NDT setup for all methods under EN4179, NAS410, ASTM and OEM specification requirements

  4. NDT Level 3 Services

  5. NDT Procedure writings assistance

  6. NDT Audit preparation assistance