Aircraft Operating Environment 

If you are looking to start up an  airlines or start a charter flight operations; Our team can analyze the operating environment of your flight target sectors, identify the requirement s in terms of regulations, requirements and guidelines.

We ensure our suggested frameworks meets those requirements, in terms of freedoms of the air, ETOPS etc.

Aircraft Selection Process

Whether it is a scheduled flight or chartered flight including DG cargo, Choosing a right aircraft to operate is essential for the successful, economical and profitable operations of the airline or operator. Target markets and frequencies are determined through traffic analysis and route/schedule planning. 

Our team will review the requirements and ensure we suggest aircrafts suitable for your budget and operational requirements. 

Aircraft Sourcing

Selection of right model aircraft is the key to success for the airlines. It is just not the availability and cost. The selection is based on the air market, places of operation, air traffic, aircraft performance, ETOPS, and financial viability.


Our team ensures it guides the airline owner or the operator make a right choice  of aircraft in a right procurement scheme. Whether it is lease to purchase, full charter lease or dry lease; it is essential to identity right source and right package. We do assist on identifying aircraft finance firms for south east Asian operations

Maintenance Solutions

It is not necessary for every aircraft operator to have their own exhaustive maintenance capability in house. We will assist in the following areas for your aircraft needs on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul requirements:

  • Basic In-house Maintenance setup for daily maintenance needs of aircraft

  • Aircraft Parts, Consumables & Rotables Solutions

  • Aircraft Tooling Solutions

  • Maintenance partner identification in the near proximity of your operating base

  • Aircraft maintenance manpower  

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